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Bio: Sheenly Lighting Co. Ltd is a professional LED lighting company specializes in manufacturing of innovative LED lighting solutions that improve lighting quality, energy efficiency and enhance environmental sustainability.
Sheenly Lighting always focus on producing all kinds of LED Weather-proof Light such as LED linkable Weather-proof Light. We want to create and manufacture more and more high quality LED lighting products to meet global needs.
LED Linkable Waterproof Light
Waterproof Led Lights
LED Waterproof Light
LED linkable Weather-proof Light adopts auto human being detection for light on/off, High wide detection range within 15 meters. The whole structure well ensures IP65 Tri-proof and 5 years guarantee.
Features and Advantages:
-Super-fast installation, suspended or surface mounted
-Easy & tool-less connect and maintenance, detachable end-cap
-Replaceable driver, upgradeable function(sensor, emergency, Dali)
-7 Years Warranty on luminaire (driver limited to 5 years)
-Lifetime up to 65,000h (L70B50), (LIMITED* DRIVER 50,000h), L80B20 @50,000h
-Up to 105 lm/watt
-Modern, stylish, excellent surface treatment
-Water proof, Dust proof, Corrosion proof
-Low operating temperature, makes it extremely versatile under different operating conditions
Part NumberPowerCCTLumen OutputBeamDimension
Parking Lot/Warehouse/Industrial Lightling/Tunnel
LED Linkable Waterproof Light for Warehouse
led linkable waterproof light for tunnel
LED Linkable Waterproof Light for Industrial
Sheenly Lighting Co. Ltd has independent Research and development team. We have 40,000 sqm SELF-OWNED modern factory, ODM for lots of world famous lighting brands. Product sells hot around the world. Now we are expanding our business and looking for Cooperative partners all over the world.LED Waterproof Light China
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