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Dodatkowe informacje o astao38
Bio: 1212 advertising cnc router

Features of 1212 advertising cnc router
1) Whole cast aluminium structure,hard,durable,non-deforming
2) There axis adopt precision ball screw rod,steady operating,ensure high precision of the machine
3) The application of high performance subsection,ensure high speed and precision
4) Adopted domestic water-cooling spindle,good circle,little noise,enough power
All models of advertising cnc router machine
1212 advertising cnc router Characteristics:
•Matching European brand names ball screw, and linear guide high quality accessories. • High-power, high-performance drives and motors. • popular X-axis dust structure. • Software compatibility strong: If renowned Type3/artcarm/castmate/proe/Corelerow / Wentai, and other CAD / CAM software.
technical specifications:
Machine Model 1224
X.Y working area 1200*2400mm
Z working area >100mm
Table 1300*2680mm
Max. Speed 6m-7m/min
Max. working speed 3m-3.5m/min
Max. feeding height 110mm
Working delicacy 0.005mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.05mm
Command G code*.u00*.mmg*.plt
Surroundings for software windows98/2000/xp
Power (spindle is not included) 550w
Working voltage AC220V/50Hz
Spindle power 1.5kw
Spindle rotating speed 0-24000rpm/min
Drive motor Stepper
china advertising CNC router manufacturers
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